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Above: Hubbard Glacier calving – one of the most iconic glaciers in the United States.

No other area of the United States has so captured my imagination and spirit than the Pacific Northwest. Alaska, “The Final Frontier”, is the epicenter of an emotional earthquake that has permanently altered the landscape of my photography. The land and it’s magnificent inhabitants combine power and beauty with an aloof indifference to mankind that is at once stunning and frightening.

I first visited Alaska on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2011 and on that trip made a vow to go back in four years. In 2015 I again made the trip on Radiance of the Seas and am looking forward to visiting again in 2019 (or sooner!)

Back in the mid-70’s I had the opportunity to visit relatives in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. My family stopped in Vancouver before heading to the island and I remember being astonished at the cleanliness of the city. I watched in amazement as a pedestrian picked up a paper bag that had been thrown from a car window and deposited it into a street corner trashcan.

With those memories implanted in my head our family has started each of our cruises in Vancouver and have continued to be overwhelmed by the charm (and growth!) of this truly international city.

Vancouver to Whistler, British Columbia

Sea To Sky

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stunning mountain views with whisping clouds pulled like cotton balls through pine trees

The Inside Passage to Ketchikan

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bears, whales and great fishing!

Hoonah / Icy Straight Point

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